Seven obvious reasons to go for tonsure

shave head bald

       It’s a Challenge: Yes, it’s a challenge. This is something which we don’t bump into every day. This is not something, which needs to be done on an ultimatum. And there are not many who are willing to take up this challenge as well. That’s where the pleasure lies. Its your call to present yourself different. Its your chance to change the way you live. Its your turn to upturn thy ego. You got to have a bit of courage to embrace this. Finally once you made your call, there’s no turning back.

2.       Pleasure of fulfilment: So you commenced to do this. a little more and once its finished, there comes this emotion of achievement. “Yaaay, I’ve done it”. Yes. And you are going to deal with it.
3.       New look: The first potential change you will realize is your new look. Clean head without a hint of hair. Like a fresh house which is yet to be painted.
4.       Meet your head: Go ahead. Touch your scalp. Feel your own head. A priceless experience, if this is you are a first timer. You can keep on rubbing it for minutes till you realize that you are actually doing that. So, a naive empiricist has got a new rink to work on.
5.       Summer iShtyle: You can wear a cap initially and you better wear one when going out in direct sun. But even the slightest whiff can be felt on a bare head. Move head left or right, up or down or any direction or just tilt it, the chillness is gonna astonish you. Just imagine this exotic sensation of breeze on your scalp where actually you have nerve endings.
6.       Prevent hair loss: Technically, You need to have hair in your head to have hair loss. :P. Not kidding it has something to do with that as well.
7.       Make it a chain reaction: We all love our hair. That’s why typically everyone hates going baldie. People wonder about this for months, enquire opinion from friends. But finally persuade a few more and all appear with shaved heads. That’s ecstatic.
When it’s hot and gunky out, the question is, do you have the spine (and head) to go tonsuring ?

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